Certified Practising Naturopaths, Facilities & Books

As part of continuous learning in naturopathy, I travel around India visiting naturopathy facilities and practitioners. I choose to undergo the treatments for atleatst 1 week, interact with staff and Doctors and write reviews based on first hand experience.

Nisargopchar, Urli Kanchan, Pune

History tells us that Gandhiji wanted to popularise naturopathy not just in the cities but also the villages of India and asked some of his ardent followers to find such a place. That’s how Urli kanchan happened.

Aarogya Mandir, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

If you live in North India and are looking for a naturopathy centre near you, you can try Aarogya Mandir. A place of historical importance, an eminent founder, and a lush green campus are what make Aarogya Mandir special

Prakratik Chikitsalaya, Jaipur

The highlight at Prakritik Chikitsalay was the ambience of the place: clean air, adequate walking paths, small gardens, ample trees and flowers.

Book Review: The Grape Cure

Johanna Brandt was a South African naturopath who cured herself of stomach cancer by living on grapes alone for a number of weeks. This book is a biographical account of her sickness and recovery in addition to being a DIY kit.

Dr. Brij Bhusan Goel, Delhi

Dr Goel’s practice stands out most for his own raw diet lifestyle (he  has lived on a raw diet for 36 years) and his teaching (he runs a three-month course), but his treatment centre leaves much to be desired in terms of infrastructure, hygiene, and the staff’s interest.

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