Be Healthy Without Medicine

Meet your Urban Naturopath!

Hello, I am Rupinder, a certified naturopath (NDDY) who practices both online and in-person in Gurgaon.

My association with naturopathy dates back to early childhood when I instinctively knew that the body has an inherent intelligence and an energy that can self-heal. All we have to do is either aid that energy or get out of its way.

Forever reluctant to taking pills for health, I have searched long and hard for drugless systems of healing, finally settling on naturopathy. In 2018, I decided to plunge full time into it. From doing a 3.5 year diploma, to doing internships at different naturopathy facilities in India, I finally did my apprentenship under Dr SS Goindi, who today at 93 has been practising naturopathy for over 50 years.

The blogs written in this space are an expression of my learnings in naturopathy, explorations and experiences of my clients. They are also aimed at giving you small nudges, practical tips that you can integrate in your own daily lives.

Before I became a Naturopath, I worked for 18 years; serving in the Indian Army and working in India’s Social sector. You can see my earlier avtaar here:



One-to-One sessions that includes indepth history taking and a follow up within the same week. This can happen either online or in person. These will focus mainly on dietary and lifestyles changes that are needed to kickstart or maintain a healing process


For those who might need naturopathy treatments alongwith dietary changes. This entails coming to our location in Gurgaon.


When the aim of the consultation is to get rid of medication or root out diseases from the body, then more extensive customised dietary changes are needed for a prolonged period: 2-6 months. These scenarios require daily check-in so that food can be adapted as per the response of the body.