‘To connect is to heal’ is the philosophy that underlines all my work. I aim to empower you to take health in your own hands and connect with the intelligence of your own body.

As a naturopath, I use food as medicine, while also tweaking certain aspects of lifestyle that generate disease.

For those with existing conditions (Diabetes, Asthma), I use naturopathy treatments along with dietary changes to reverse the condition. This can be done both online or offline at the Gurgaon address.

Payment and fees

Payments are currently accepted by bank transfer to an Indian bank account, Stripe, Paytm or Google pay.

  • Weekly Consultion: INR 2,000 for Indian residents and USD 85/GBP 60 for those in the US/Europe

    One-to-One sessions that includes indepth history taking and follow ups within the same week. These are mostly online. These focus mainly on dietary and lifestyles changes that are needed to kickstart or maintain a healing process. INR 2000 is the fee for each additional week that we continue to work together.

  • Treatment at the clinic:INR 2,000-2,500 per day

    For those who might need naturopathy treatments alongwith dietary changes , and entails you coming to our location in Gurgaon . These can take anywhere between 1.5- 2.5 hours and involve a charge of INR 2000-2500 per day.

  • Rooting out Disease: INR 12,000 monthly for Indian residents and USD 500/GBP 360 for those in US/Europe

    When the aim is to get rid of medication or root out existing diseases from the body, then more extensive customised dietary changes are needed for a prolonged period: 2-6 months, alongwith continuous hand holding. These scenarios require daily check-in so that food and treatment can be adapted as per the response of the body. This is charged at INR 12,000 for the first six weeks and INR 6,000/- for every subsequent month.

Schedule a Session

To schedule an appointment, email, or use the calendar below.

Incase you are new to naturopathy or are not sure if it is for you, I suggest reading a few blogposts or listening to the audio recording to get a better idea.

2 responses to “Services”

  1. Apoorva Avatar

    Which NATUROPATHY Institute would you recommend for becoming a Naturopathy Doctor?
    Are there any better alternatives to Arogya Mandir Gorakhpur?

    Thanks for your kind response.
    Best Wishes

    1. Rupinder Avatar

      Hi Apporva,
      A Naturopathy Doctor as recognised by the official authorities are those who do a 5 years BNYS degree. There are various places that offer this. TRy this facebook page, I think they put out info about BNYS courses: THe other option is to look at doing a diploma( NDDY) which is offered by Gandhi Samarak Samitis.

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