Understand what is Naturopathy and why I choose to follow it. Also listen to interviews and conversations with seasoned practitioners and why they think it might be the best way to treat chronic disease.

Recording in English, Oct 2021

In conversation with Yameer Adhar, host of the podcast, Voices in My Head. We talk about incorporating naturopathy in daily urban living and what it has been to journey back to naturopathy.

Recording in Hindi, Sep 2021

I recorded the above interview with Dr Vimal kumar Modi at Aarogya Mandir, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Trained as an allopathy Doctor, Dr Vimal Kumar has been practicing naturopathy since more than 40 years. We spoke about naturopathy in modern life, the need for all formats of naturopathy practitioners and what Aarogya Mandir has to offer.

Recording in English, Sep 2021

I recorded the above interview with Dr Smita Modi, gynacologist & surgeon. Trained and practising as an allopath, Dr Smita Modi integrates naturopathy to deal with women’s reproductive health issues. We spoke about the rising physical discomfort around reproductive milestones, reproductive health and how naturopathy can deal with these.

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