Dr Brij Bhusan Goel, Delhi

Review by Rupinder Kaur, Visit: Oct-Dec 2019

Dr Goel’s practice stands out most for his own raw diet lifestyle (he  has lived on a raw diet for 34 years) and his teaching (he runs a three-month course), but his treatment centre leaves much to be desired in terms of infrastructure, hygiene, and the staff’s interest. I first heard about Dr Goel through a naturopathy classmate, who had attended his course. So impressed was she with his raw diet life that she and her family had adopted raw foods to a great extent into their lifestyle, losing a lot of weight in the process.

I did an interview with him exclusively on the raw diet which was published in The Hindu 


Dr Goel practises in a small home office that doubles as his workplace for his other role as an insurance consultant — in fact the other members in the office are all part of what is probably the more lucrative of the two. Here, he sees patients, prescribes treatments and diet modalities. Across the lane, about 10 feet away is his treatment centre with a separate men’s and women’s section. The women’s section comprises one hall (1/4th of a tennis court) and three small rooms (each about 40 sq ft) room

Doctor and staff

Dr Goel has a diploma in naturopathy and yoga from the International Foundation of Health and Yoga, Delhi. He usually prescribes a 14 day detox package that includes a combination of naturopathy treatments and a mostly raw diet for the duration of the treatment. 

The staff ranges from people who have worked there for more than a decade to recent students gaining some hands on experience. Most of them are good natured and sincere and keep the atmosphere in the treatment section lively. However given that the Doctor never visits the treatment areas, one is never sure if sequencing of treatments is right and of the prescribed duration.

Range of treatments offered

Mud packs, steam bath, sauna, hip bath, foot bath, enema, and hot and cold compresses. The clinic does not offer sun based treatments, massages, or food.

Hygiene and sanitation

Given that the space is limited, some treatment equipment is cramped in rooms also meant for other treatments. For instance, the hip bath tub is inside the toilet, so you visit the same room both after enema and to take your hip bath (separately of course). There is a single steam bath cabinet, which is not sanitised after each patient


The 14 day package costs INR 4,000 including consultations; a day’s treatment is INR 400


BR 48 A & 49 A Shalimar Bagh Delhi- 110088 India

Phone: 91-011-27482211 – 27481710 

Website: http://www.lifehappy.org/content/profile/cure_fedration.asp

Consultation timings: 7am-11 am

Treatment Timings: 10am-12 (including Sunday)

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