Navratri to a Naturopath

Navratri means 9 nights. These are dedicated to the 9 forms of shakti, each considered an avatar of goddess Durga from Indian mythology. Each day is for one shakti: day 1 is for goddess Shailputri, day 2 for Brahmacharini….. 

But to me, a naturopath, Navratri means looking at the changing season and what that means for our health.

A time of festivities, religious fervour, and ‘special’ foods, the 9 days can also be used as a time to clean the body and break habits of the mind.  

Nature is going through a transition. Just look at the trees around you, and you will notice they are shedding their old leaves and sprouting new ones. Some start doing this much earlier in spring but for most this process will be completed nw.

The human body is also a representation of nature, and closely aligned to changing seasons. So, if the season is of shedding, we must too. You can feel this change in season in your body as the dryness of your skin or an irritating cold.

It is said that there are two seasonal changes that affect the body the most, and in India these coincide perfectly with the two Navratri, one in March, the other in October.

If you want to get the best out of a detox regime, do it in these 2 months, because the body has a natural tendency of shedding and flushing out, to clear house. Make the most of it.

While I have known about this phenomenon for a couple of years now, I too, like all of us, needed a little nudge.

So, when I saw an email from the Satvik Movement folks talking about a 3 day juice fast challenge, I enrolled ( It was my way of getting stared on a weeklong detox.

Find your starting point, whatever that might be and take advantage of the changing season.

Please contact by writing at, or book your slot if you would like a supervised detox plan.

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