‘To connect is to heal’ is the philosophy that underlines all our work. Our aim is to empower you to take health in your own hands and connect with the intelligence of your own body.

Using naturopathy and nature based practices, we endeavour to help you make small, simple yet sustainable lifestyles changes that work as preventive medicine.

For those with existing conditions (Diabetes, Asthma), we use naturopathy treatments along with dietary changes to root out the condition.

We do this through online consultations or by having you visit us at our Gurgaon address.

To schedule an appointment, email at

Payments are accepted by bank transfer to an Indian bank account or through Paytm.

  • 30 minutes free: Schedule a conversation to get acquainted with me and naturopathy

  • INR 500 : 45-60 minute online consultation

  • INR  1000-2000: 2 hrs of in-person treatment OR 4 hrs of in- person treatment, done in two sittings