To know me is to breathe with me; to breathe with me is to listen deeply; to listen deeply is to connect.

Aboriginal Saying

Read on if you feel disconnected: with your body, with a loved one, with a profession or with life in general.

This blog is a personal journey towards connection – with the self, with immediate environment and with nature. A first person narrative, it aims to reach out and engage with those who might be on a similar journey.

It is also a place to get acquainted with practices such as naturopathy, mindfulness, breath and movement, all tools that help one connect. It will also offer you practical suggestions on how to live in tune with nature while remaining in city or urban surroundings.

The Author

Hello, I am Rupinder, a certified naturopath (NDDY) who practices both online and in-person. My association with naturopathy dates back to early childhood when I instinctively knew that the body has an inherent intelligence. This intelligence tells us what is favorable to eat, when to rest, when to drink water. Also asks us to skip a meal, rest, take a cold shower, when we are not feeling so great. Over the years, whenever I found myself disconnected, depleted or sick, natural healing came to my rescue.Three years ago, I decided to plunge full time into naturopathy to see if it was possible to live in rhythm with nature while remaining in urban surroundings. I have realised that it is.

This space is an expression of my journey, of thoughts and events that resonate, of learnings from my studies and explorations.

Hope you enjoy reading it, I sure do enjoy writing it.

In my earlier avatar, I served in the Indian Army and worked in development. All this you can see here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rupinderk/